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Tmall Double 11 Promotion Is Coming: Are You Ready?

Tmall Double 11 Promotion
Tmall has promotion activities in all major holidays or festivals in China, such as Teacher’s Day, Mid Autumn Festival, National Day, Double Ninth Festival and Spring Festivals, not to mention some popular western festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

One of the biggest promotion activity is not from the festivals we mentioned above. Tmall created Double 11, which is on November 11th, nicknamed after Bachelor’s Day by Chinese. Taobao normally can expect sales of over billion yuan on one single day. Last year, the total sales exceed 3 billion yuan (USD 490 million).The promotion of this year still fantastic.

The welfare of the promotion
Most of good on Tmall is up to 50% off from Nov 11(00:00) to Nov 11(24:00) and here we refer to the time is Beijing time. According to report, more than 20000 sellers will join in the double 11 activity in 2013, the quantity of the sellers and brands are twice as last year. The products will cover electronics, clothing, home decoration, luggage, mother & infants’ article, food, books, auto parts etc, over 70000 brands. Eyes stared at the end; we can prepare for Christmas and buy high-quality goods at prices.
Tips of enjoying Taobao Double 11 activity with Buychina help

  1. First, you can take a through look at which brands and products will be on double 11 big promotion in this year from here: http://1111.tmall.com
  2. You can add the items which you want into your shopping cart and pay in advance and leave the information “ONLY buy on 2013-11-11” on your item remark or order message, our buyers will do our best to snap your goods up on November 11th. If the goods are not bought, we'll give you a full refund.
If you ONLY want to buy the item with 50% discount - please mark like this in your item remarks "ONLY buy on 2013-11-11. Do not buy without 50% discount!"

If you missed the discount period, we will ask you if you want a full refund or continue to buy without discount!

Please keep in mind:
  1. Please check the inventory before buying via the link we provided. If you have any doubt, please contact our customer service. This is not an activity by Buychina.com. It is an activity by TAOBAO. We cannot guarantee that we can purchase all the goods on time and the inconvenience to you, please understand!
  2. Huge amount of transactions in one day caused much pressure on retailers and logistics. Customer service in retainers which joined the big promotion had been busy for more than a week. So the arrival time of the goods have a bit longer.
At last, let’s enjoy this shopping storm on November 11. Any questions, please contact our customer service
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