Hot LED spot light colorful color indoor and outdoor advertising signs light wall decoration stars 5CM Square

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US $1.33
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$ 1.5
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1 - 3 $1.69 $1.33
4 - 7 $1.69 $1.33
8 - 15 $1.69 $1.33
16 - 20 $1.69 $1.33
21 - 99 $1.69 $1.33
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Other 1
Body Color:
Outdoor monochrome Always white Indoor Steady yellow Steady yellow outdoor color Outdoor monochrome Always blue Indoor monochrome Always warm white Outdoor monochrome Always green Indoor monochrome Always red Indoor monochrome Always green 110V monochromatic light blue Indoor monochrome Always white Outdoor monochrome Always warm white Indoor and outdoor full color control Outdoor monochrome Always red Outdoor full-color external control Outdoor internal Colorful Colorful interior internal Indoor monochrome Always Blue other
Luminous color:
White Blue Other Yellow Blue Green
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Estimated Weight:
500 g
Shipping Cost:
US $8.44 to United States via DHL ePacket
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8-14 Days
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1 x $1.69 + $1.5 + $8.44 = $11.63
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Lamp Interface (lamp models):
Other E14
Luminous color:
Other Blue White Yellow Green Blue
Other 1 220V
Body Color:
other blue black White yellow purple light Grey gray green blue dark blue black light green light yellow Violet Orange Transparent Color
Operating voltage:
Special lighting

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