2015 new winter plus velvet genuine leather high boots with flat boots female knight boots boots Martin boots

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Body Color:
Brown (a pedal) Black (a pedal) Brown (side zipper) Black (side zipper)
Shoe Size:
Finally, a few pairs 39 (100% in-kind shooting) 35 (lowest whole network promotion) 34 (cowhide genuine factory direct) Make available Clearance Sale!
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2200 g
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US $45.89 to United States via DHL
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Sole Material:
Rubber PU
Cortical material:
Rubber PU First layer of leather
With high:
Level with
Heel style:
Flat with Square with
Toe style:
Boots a high degree of:
With the body element:
Closed way:
The boots Lining Material:
PU First layer of leather Artificial short plush
Lining Material:
PU First layer of leather Artificial short plush
Boots face Material:
PU First layer of leather
Footwear production process:
Adhesive shoes
Shoes popular boots section:
Knight boots
Europe and America
For the Season:
2015 Fall

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