3cm new Torreya wood hard wood dash Japanese Chinese Go chess backgammon game with available double sided cloud sub

US $31.68
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$ 1.5
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1 - 3 $31.68
4 - 7 $31.68
8 - 15 $31.68
16 - 20 $31.68
21 - 99 $31.68
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Body Color:
Package five, Chinese around like no veneer large plate Package VI, Japanese-style around like no veneer plate Package IV, Chinese around the plate like veneer Queen Packages eight Japanese around five no veneer plate Package three, Japanese-style veneer around five dual disc Package A, Japanese-style veneer around like dual-disc Package II, the Japanese do not go one-sided disk veneer
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Estimated Weight:
6000 g
Shipping Cost:
US $87.31 to United States via DHL
Delivery Time:
3-7 Days
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1 x $30.48 + $1.5 + $87.31 = $119.28
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Body Color:
light Grey light green Orange Dark gray Deep Purple Chocolate color ArmyGreen sky blue

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