Behind the Great Wall Hover H3 M2 Jia Yu V80 Cool Bear M4 Wingle wing C30 C20 modified folding key remote control D

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Body Color:
Hafer H3 left slot (DR11A) Hafer H3 left slot (DR01) Hafer H3 right bath (DR11A) Hafer H3 right bath (DR01) Jia Yu new V80 slot embryos (DR11A) Jia Yu V80- new groove embryos (DR01) Dazzling (DR11A) Dazzling (DR01) Great Wall M2 (DR11A) Great Wall M2 (DR01) Cool Bear Great Wall M4 Wingle 5 (DR11A) Wingle 3 (DR11A) Great Wall C30 Wingle 3 (DR01) Great Wall C20 Wingle 5 (DR01) Plus a prepared embryo, need message models and Crystal number This product does not bring Keychain 2013 C30 and M4 can not be used
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200 g
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Body Color:
white yellow red Red wine purple green blue dark blue black light yellow Violet Orange Transparent Color brown Dark gray Deep Purple Pink Chocolate color Dark khaki ArmyGreen sky blue
Accessory Type:
Remote keyless entry
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