White lazy shoes women muffin bottom flat with flat canvas shoes student shoes without lacing where a pedal shoes

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$ 1.5
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1 - 3 $17.62
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21 - 99 $17.62
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EUR36 EUR37 eur38 EUR40 EUR35 EUR39
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Estimated Weight:
950 g
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US $13.34 to United States via DHL ePacket
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8-14 Days
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1 x $17.65 + $1.5 + $13.34 = $32.48
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With the body element:
Rhinestone Plaid Beaded Flowers Hollow Bow Decorative belt Rivet Tassel T-strap Shallow mouth Ribbon Chain Sequins Wedges Thick with Sponge cake Cross straps Mesh Hasp Waterproof Mixed colors Leopard Metal decoration With a combination of fine Foot ring strap T-strap (instep) Belt buckle
Lattice Flowers Chi Yuan
Upper height:
Low to help
Sole Material:
Closed way:
Hasp Sets foot
Footwear production process:
Vulcanized shoes
For the Season:
2016 Spring

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