South Korean imports of purchasing Korean Master s Sun Kong Hyo Jin combination with three piece female ring opening paragraph

US $6.23
Domestic Shipping:
$ 1.5
Wholesale Price:
Quantity Price
1 - 3 $6.23
4 - 7 $6.23
8 - 15 $6.23
16 - 20 $6.23
21 - 99 $6.23
100+ Find Out Discount
Body Color:
Glossy golden combination, Reservations Hollow Gold (2 small + thin section) Spot Hollow golden combination, Reservations Hollow silver combination, Reservations Contact the shop sold a single piece are different, not promotion Matte Gold (2 small + thin section) Spot Glossy silver combination, Reservations Matte silver combination, Reservations Matte gold combination, Reservations Matte Silver (2 small + thin section) Spot
- +
Estimated Weight:
150 g
Shipping Cost:
US $4.27 to United States via Usps
Delivery Time:
10-14 Days
Total Price:
1 x $6.24 + $1.5 + $4.27 = $12.01
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Other Alloy / Silver / Gold
Body Color:
other yellow red light Grey blue dark blue black Transparent brown Dark gray ArmyGreen
Other Japan and South Korea
Mosaic Material:
Other Unmounted
Male and female:
Baby fineness:
Price range:
30-39.99 yuan
Strange new:
Freshly baked
Whether the spot:

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