Edison glasses frame myopia influx of male and female models literary retro metal half framed glasses plain mirror Students

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1 - 3 $4.16 $3.20
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8 - 15 $4.16 $3.20
16 - 20 $4.16 $3.20
21 - 99 $4.16 $3.20
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Body Color:
300-500 (Note specific degrees) 300 degrees or less (Note specific degrees) Matte black and silver frame (without lenses) 500-700 (Note specific degrees) Matte black and silver frame (plano lenses) Tu-gold frame (without lenses) Bright black gold frame (plano lenses) Leopard Gold frame (without lenses) Golden Leopard box (plain lens) Bright black gold frame (without lenses) Tu-gold box (plano lenses) Bright black and silver color block main figure (without lenses) Bright black silver frame main map colors (plain lens)
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200 g
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US $5.03 to United States via Usps
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10-14 Days
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Body Color:
yellow Red wine light Grey black light green light yellow Orange Dark gray Deep Purple Chocolate color Dark khaki ArmyGreen sky blue
Other / other Neutral
Male and female:
Frame Material:
Sheet plus metal
Frame style:
Full frame

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