Electric heating tube hot tub barrel fast baby Swimming pool heater folding bathtub tub heater

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Leakage protection needs please contact customer service to shoot another link Package Submersible heater The default is the ordinary three-pin plugs wife Single U220V1KW1.5 noodle Single U220V1KW3 noodle Single U220V2KW1.5 noodle Single U220V2KW2 noodle Single U220V2KW3 noodle Double U220V3KW1.5 noodle Double U220V3KW2 noodle Double U220V3KW3 noodle Double U220V3KW4 noodle Double U220V4KW1.5 noodle Double U220V4KW2 noodle Double U220V4KW3 noodle The normal use of more than 1 year to 2 years Within 3 months of quality replacement new
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