Foxhounds General Motors door handle protection film rhinoceros skin protective film door bowl bilateral film paint protection film

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1000 g
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Suitable models:
Audi A4 Audi A6 BMW 3 Series Honda CR-V Honda Fit Honda Civic Honda Accord BYD F3 Buick Regal Buick LaCrosse Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Jetta Volkswagen Passat Volkswagen Santana Toyota Corolla Kia Cerato Great Wall Hover VW Magotan The new Buick Regal Tian Feng Fan Volkswagen Sunny Volkswagen Santana 3000 Chery A3 BYD F0 Nissan QASHQAI Toyota RAV4 Dongfeng Peugeot 207 hatchback Pentium B70 Pentium B50
Foil type:
Door wrist guard film
Models dedicated

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