Korean version of gauze wedding marriage ceremony marriage room layout decorative garland new house supplies wholesale flower ball pull hi

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+20 Meters large pink ball of yarn Oversized Koshiro rice balls of yarn +20 Large red ball +20 meters Hongsha +20 Meters oversized purple yarn ball Zibai +20 Meters large purple ball purple yarn A pink ball Pink and white ball 1 Purple ball 1 5 balls with blue material +20 meters of yarn Large blue flower balls +20 meters of yarn Yarn 3 yuan one meter Material pink with five goals +20 meters of yarn Material pink and white with five goals +20 meters of yarn 5 balls of the same material red +20 meters of yarn Material purple color with 5 meters of yarn balls +20 Material purple with white rice 5 balls of yarn +20 Red ball a
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200 g
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Body Color:
white yellow Red wine purple light Grey green blue dark blue black Orange Transparent Color brown Pink Chocolate color ArmyGreen sky blue
3m above
Mats applicable to space:
Room / hall
The Xi'er

Taobao agent Garland Resources

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