Official authorization access professional grade copper flute flute Spirit of acoustic instruments flute 8883 Dong Xuehua refined boutique

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$ 1.5
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1 - 3 $121.01
4 - 7 $121.01
8 - 15 $121.01
16 - 20 $121.01
21 - 99 $121.01
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Body Color:
G tune A tune Drop E F tune Drop B Big G E flat B flat C tune D tune
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Estimated Weight:
1500 g
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US $19.32 to United States via DHL ePacket
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8-14 Days
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1 x $121.20 + $1.5 + $19.32 = $142.02
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Place of origin:
Other Zhejiang Province
Body Color:
other light Grey light green light yellow Orange Dark gray Deep Purple Chocolate color Dark khaki ArmyGreen sky blue
Applicable scene:
Other Student Associate Professional
For people:
Other Child Elderly Adult University student Middle School

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