304 stainless steel single row of chain metal dog collar necklace dog chain dog collar medium sized snake chain P chain control chain

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[6] Solid 63cm wide and 1.5cm long [The 2nd] chain 8mm wide 50cm length [8] 60cm wide and 1.7cm long [4 No.] chain length 60cm 1cm wide [The 5th] chain length of about 65cm wide and 1cm [The 3rd] chain 8mm wide 55cm length [7] 50cm wide and 1.7cm long [1] chain length of about 40cm wide and 8mm
Applicable Size:
stainless steel
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850 g
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US $12.25 to United States via DHL ePacket
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8-14 Days
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Red wine purple dark blue black light green light yellow Violet Color Deep Purple Chocolate color sky blue
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