8MM sleeve version 4MM hard shafting O boats boat V boat with simulation Shaft Specials

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$ 1.5
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Body Color:
Brass sleeve section Stainless steel bushings
Technical parameters:
20CM sleeve 25CM full length 25CM sleeve 30CM full length 30CM sleeve 35CM full length 15CM sleeve 20CM full length 5CM full-length sleeve 10CM 12CM sleeve 17CM full length 10CM sleeve 15CM full length 8CM 13CM full length sleeve 35CM sleeve 40CM full length Other sizes can be customized price negotiable
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Estimated Weight:
400 g
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US $7.35 to United States via DHL ePacket
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8-14 Days
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1 x $3.03 + $1.5 + $7.35 = $11.88
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Other MK TO
Body Color:
other ArmyGreen sky blue
Accessory Type:
Other RC Boat
Technical parameters:
Custom values Value of 2 Value of 3 Value of 4 Value of 5 Value of 6 Value of 7 Value of 8 Value of 9 Value of 10

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