Ping Pong online arrogance Meng XIOM VEGA blue red V V V Platinum silver V Weijia Chinese table tennis sets of plastic

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Body Color:
Genuine Black Silver V Genuine red V red Genuine silver V red Genuine red V black Genuine black V red Genuine European version of the black and blue V Genuine red purple V Genuine black purple V Genuine European version of the red and blue V Genuine Black V Black Genuine blue V Asian edition red Genuine blue V Asian version of the black
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100 g
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10-14 Days
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Body Color:
white light Grey dark blue light green light yellow Orange Dark gray Deep Purple Chocolate color Dark khaki ArmyGreen sky blue
Arrogance and fierce XIOM
Rubber type:
Anti-plastic (glossy / loop fast break)
Table tennis racket sponge type:

Taobao agent Ping-pong sets of rubber / sponge / single film Resources

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